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Course to master 'maya'

Have you ever been wowed by a beautiful CG illustration and said, "I wish I could make something like that"?
"3DCG Creator Course [Maya]" is a course that can help you fulfill those dreams! This course will enable you to learn and master 'Maya', a professional 3DCG software used by film producers and game developers worldwide.
Digital Hollywood Online alongside IkuZo has prepared an intensive learning program that has the same essence as Digital Hollywood University Japan, which has produced many professional creators that use 'Maya' as their main tool.
[IMPORTANT] To attend this course, you will need to have prepared the Autodesk Maya 2020 student version. Make sure you have downloaded the software before you apply. You will also need a good internet connection during the learning process.

Basics of Maya
Basic Material


Basic Effects
Introduction to CG & Video Production


After Effects & Basic Compositing


Inexperienced OK!.

recommended for

There are no schools nearby that teach CG

There are no schools nearby that teach CG

There are no schools nearby that teach CG

I want to work in the CG industry


About 8 Months (35 Weeks)

  • The course will start immediately after completing the payment procedure

Class Format

  • Video Learning in Japanese with English Subtitles for around 110 hours
  • QnA via E-mail with local and Japanese Sensei's
  • 20 sessions @ 90 minutes class with local Sensei
  • 20 sessions @ 90 minutes class via ZOOM with sensei from Digital Hollywood

Tuition Fee

322,300 Yen (Tax Included)

a proven curriculum, anytime anywhere

Due to it being an online course where you are able to choose when you want to study, it becomes suitable to those who don't live near a school that teaches Maya, those who can't allocate a specific time every week, or even those who want to study Maya after work.

Beginners can take the course with confidence because we provide a supportive environment that let's you ask the sensei's directly regarding any related questions. Corrections and advice regarding your assignments will also be provided and handled through direct online meetings with both Japanese sensei's and local instructors too.

You can take the latest version of the proven curriculum, which is actually used as training by production companies, at home at any time.

Perfect for a Beginner

The Learning process at Digihari online school is to watch video lessons repeatedly and then to do a practical task at the end of the session. While listening to the video lessons, you get to directly show off the skills you have acquired over the course of the lessons to make sure you have understood and mastered the material taught.

  1. Watch Video Lessons
2. Do Practical Work
3. Sensei gives Corrections and Advice


Japanese Sensei from Digital Hollywood


Digital Hollywood Full-time Associate Professor

After graduating from the undergraduate program at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology, while he  was a postgraduate student at digital graduate university hollywood, he received special honors at eAT KANAZAWA.

After leaving the office, he actively works as a part time 3D designer.

  • "Galaxy Express 999"
  • "Happy Flight"
game software
  • "Dead or Alive"
live video / DVD
  • "Urasuma" (SMAP),
  • TV program "Takeshi to Hitoshi",
  • iPad app "Hideju Nakata 2010 South Africa World Cup", etc.

He was also involved in a lot of CG work for Television and various commercials. He has also focused on creating many talents as an instructor at Digital Hollywood since 1999.

yoshiyuki furuiwa SENSEI

Digital Hollywood Instructor

After graduating from the comprehensive ProCG course program at Tokyo's Hollywood Digital Central School, he was in charge of layout and character animation at Polygon Pictures CO., LTD. In addition, he also serves as a teacher at Digital Hollywood Tokyo main school. Since May 2014, he has been a lecturer at Digital Hollywood University and is also fully responsible for organizing computer graphics/CG seminars.


"Genki Genki Nontan Big Thank You"
"My Friends Tigger And Pooh"
"Hottarake no Shima"

Software Games

"Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2"

Music videos/series

Hifana "Hanabeam",
Transformers Prime 1st - 3rd season
TRON Uprising
"Knights of Sidonia"
All Polygon Pictures Co., Ltd. (CG production)

A message from yoshiyuki furuiwa sensei:

~ try it first ~
These days, all kinds of confusing information seems to flood the world, "Doing what we are used to" seems like the right thing, which makes you reluctant to "try" new things. I also used to feel the same way.
I hope that this program can make less hesitant to "try it out" and can make you interested in going further into the world of CG.



maya practice

*Subtitles Supported
Workflow / Basic operations / Polygon modeling basics / Shading/UV basics / Rendering basics / Animation basics / Simulation basics / Final assignments, etc.

painting software basics for texture

*Subtitles Supported
Basic operation / image / texture creation / substance painter

after effects basics for video production

*Subtitles Supported
Workflows / Transforms & Animations / Layers & Effects / Track Mattes & Masks / Editing & Output

introduction to cg

*Subtitles Supported
Production process / modeling / animation / scene editing / others


video lessons can also be viewed from your phone and tablet

all video lessons can be played from your smartphone and tablet. so you can learn whenever, wherever. you can use your free time to learn no matter where you are, and without a computer.

video lessons are on-demand, which means you will be unable to view them again after the course period ends.

Student Works


sunsetCity_environment DemoReel

This work is a demo video created by Mikami Tomito while she was still a student at DHW. Besides showing her prowess in both modelling and texturing, this work also shows how she was able to make the most out of her 3 month production time.

Created by: takashi yonoeka

moonlight and curtains

The production time for this FULL ANIMATED CG was the entirety of the 3DCG course, plus 6 months after graduation. The main characters characteristics was shown in such a sweet way, accompanied by the smooth animations and pleasant looking world.



For registration and more info, please contact
IkuZo Japanese Education Center
email: dhw@goikuzo.com
+62 877 8978 9550